Member Rights and Responsibilities



Members in good standing are entitled to:

  1. Attend and participate in membership meetings
  2. Access the Chatham-Kent Landlord Association website:
    1. Post and manage advertisements for personally owned (or managed) rental properties at no charge;
    2. Access RENTCHECK rent/credit bureau screening resources and enjoy membership discounts;
    3. Seek references using the Member Tenant Inquiry system;
    4. Access Member-Only resources, including Landlord Tenant Board forms and applications.
  3. Advertise rental properties as RentSmart friendly;
  4. Enjoy discounts offered by ‘Preferred Suppliers’ by presenting a valid CKLA membership card.


Members are obligated to

  1. Attend a RentSmart-Landlord course within 180 days of initial membership;
  2. Adhere to Residential Tenancies Act;
  3. Adhere to the Ontario Human Rights Code;
  4. Adhere to the Personal Information and Protection of Electronics Document Act in all dealings with tenants;
  5. Maintain member profile on the CKLA website;
  6. Adhere to the website Terms of Use;
  7. Attend a minimum of 2 meetings per calendar year;
  8. Protect and preserve the Association and its reputation;
  9. Membership is not transferable.


Termination of Membership

A membership in the Association is deemed have been terminated when:

  1. the member dies;
  2. the member is no longer in good standing:
      1. the member fails to pay annual dues;
      2. the member knowingly or repeatedly violates:
        1. the Residential Tenancies Act;
        2. the Ontario Human Rights Code;
        3. the Personal Information and Protection of Electronics Document Act
      3. uses the Member Tenant Inquiry feature without obtaining written consent of the tenant applicant;
  1. For any other reason that the board in its sole and absolute discretion considers to be reasonable.

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