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The properties you find on our website are all rented by responsible landlords, each one a member of the Chatham-Kent Landlord Association. When seeking a rental property in Chatham-Kent through our organization, we believe it will greatly increase your chances of finding a well-educated and knowledgeable landlord that will make renting in Chatham-Kent more successful. Our goal is to help you avoid the frustration of dealing with an inexperienced and unprofessional landlord.

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Enjoy a high quality of life with a rental property in Chatham-Kent, Ontario, which offers you the benefits and convenience that comes with living in a safe community. Chatham-Kent is an affordable and beautiful community, and Chatham-Kent doesn’t stretch your rental budget. If you are seeking a property rental in Chatham-Kent, Ontario you are welcome to use our tenant resources found here:

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Being a landlord or property manager has its challenges, which is why the Chatham-Kent Landlord Association not only offers landlords with the opportunity to add property listings to our website, we also provide support through FREE RentCheck memberships, tenant screening services, landlord resources and networking, and even landlord education. Our website can also provide tenants with benefits as well, as Chatham-Kent property rentals are located at the bottom of this page, and our website has various resources available that are accessible through the ‘Tenants’ area of our website.

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For rental properties available in Chatham-Kent, Ontario, browse through the property rental listings found below. The rental property listings below are Chatham-Kent wide and it is important to check back as our rental property list changes on a weekly basis, with rental properties within Chatham-Kent, listed as they become available.

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