CKLA Member Benefits

Being a Landlord or Property Manager can be very challenging. There are many benefits to becoming a member of the Chatham-Kent Landlord Association (CKLA), some of which are listed below.

Advertise Your Rental Units on

As a member of the Chatham-Kent Landlord's Association you will be able list all your vacant units for easy access to those seeking rental accommodations in the Chatham-Kent area. You can add a listing in a few short minutes including multiple photos inside and out if you desire.


RentSmart Education- Providing information on best practices, privacy, human rights and Landlord/tenant legislation to support you in achieving successful tenancies.

Landlord networking

As a member of CKLA, you will be part of a networking group, all of which share a common interest. Members meet monthly to share ideas and learn from industry related guest speakers.. If you would like to attend a meeting to find out more about CKLA, simply contact us for an invitation. The first meeting you attend is free of charge.

Access to Members Resources

Resources include: relevant news and articles,events, educational sessions and links to current government forms and documents required by Legislation.

FREE RentCheck Membership (annual $75 value)

Premium Canadian-US credit reports in English and French. Three decades of partnership with Equifax and TransUnion). Fast effective and affordable screening tools including Privacy Compliant 

Application Forms, Commercial; Business Reports, Fraud Detection, Bankruptcy Predictor, People Search, CPIC criminal reports...and more.

Sole source for Tenancy history with 4.4 million records; applicants who have been approved or decline, payment patterns and left rental unit owing debt. Reporting tenant information keeps other landlords informed; landlords-talking-to-landlords.

No annual fee - 77% saving over other credit providers

Access to Landlord Seminars

There are many industry related seminars out there but how do you find them? Through our relationship with FRPO and other organizations, we can keep you informed about upcoming seminars. We also have guest speakers attend our monthly meetings that will offer useful information that every landlord can use.

Join the Chatham-Kent Landlord Association

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